Advice on how to use the MYCOURTS online court booking system.

To Register for online court booking follow this link to the screen as shown below:   Fill in your details and submit it. Your registration will be approved after checks have been made on your membership of S & B Sports Club, ususally within 24 hours.

New Member-m.JPG



To Book a Court Online follow this link to the screen as shown below:
  You need your USERNAME and PASSWORD to log on.  Once on the screen you can book courts plus the following options. Club Website: Takes you to the club's homepage. News & Events: Takes you to all the messages posted on the booking system. Booking Sheets: Takes to the pages where you can book courts up to 7 days in advance. Leagues: Takes you to the Internal Sqaush Mini Leagues. Member's Directory: Takes you to contact details of all the registerd players. Contact Us: Takes you a screen where you can write an email to the system administrator.

Online Screen-m.JPG

To Book via Kiosk Screen by Court 1    This is the screen that you can use at the club. Situated adjacent to Court 1 it has most of the functions of the online screen but you can't access the internal leagues. To log onto this screen you need your PIN number.

Court Booking Screen-m.JPG