Hockey - Ladies

The Ladies were always going to have a tough year this year with the loss of a large number of players at the end of last season. The first team lost half their players and the second team lost half of their team. The remaining second team players and a coupple of thirst team players moved up to create the new first team squad. The remaining third team players and juniors from made up the second team squad with the third team folding.

The Ladies first team are currently in the bottom half of the table but clear of the relegation zone. They have played some good hockey and deserve a higher league position than they currently occupy.

The Ladies second team are, unfortunately, lying bottom of their division. However this is no disgrace considering that the team is made up of players who are, on the whole, under 17 years of age. Only only a couple of occasions this season have they had any experience witing their team. Half the team have not played league hockey before this season. Even though they are losing games they keep playing to the best of their ability and have been complimented by a number of our oppostion for the way they have kept trying and don't give up.

The club should be, rightly, proud of the Ladies Hockey players who have battled against adversity in such a hard season.